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ARUBA-STUDIO Collection– The brand guarantee of quality and innovation; from start to finish manufacture & design of Loungewear | Sleepwear | Underwear. Each items; styled and designed by prestigious Italian designers.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to a new beginning; ARUBA-STUDIO Collectionan Italian/European inspired brand of beautiful intimates (Cose Bella in Italian) Loungewear | Sleepwear | Underwear illustration of an European influence -a love of life as it is exuberance. Charming, sophisticated and innovative collection of fine European garments made and manufactured in Italy.  

ARUBA-STUDIO -company is committed to developing products, giving great important to every detail and providing a wide range of fabrics such as 100% Cotton Mako | Stretch Cotton | Softest Modal | Lisle | Wool and Silk as well other innovative materials. Versatility to shift seamlessly from sleepwear/loungewear to daywear.

ARUBA-STUDIO Loungewear | Sleepwear | Underwear look casual, sensual, elegant and versatile, seamless to complement a stylish wardrobe and best of all comfortable without being overdressed or underdressed, from bedroom sleepwear to daywear. 

ARUBA-STUDIO always seem to maintain a sense of confidence in style. 

ARUBA-STUDIO Collection is designed with woman needs in mind; comfortable materials, with precious details to suit the taste of a modern woman who looks for fashion trends and elegance.
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